I love gurlgod


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How can you feel ugly when you have tons of people you've never met telling you how handsome you are? I don't mean to sound like an asshole but I'm honestly confused as to how that constant validation doesn't help? Or maybe it does and it's not enough? You have all these followers that adore you but we don't know how to help :( what can we do to help you feel better about yourself?

I mean…I genuinely appreciate all the compliments I receive, it does a great deal for my self esteem and it brightens my day to receive a sweet message but ultimately I have my own issues which can’t be solved by kind words. don’t concern yourself with trying to fix a strangers self esteem, you’ll work very hard and get very little out of it.

if dane deehan is ur goal aesthetic congrats you have achieved and gone past that goal cause ur absolutely beautiful and charming!!

I have no aesthetic goals…I just want his face and voice

You're literally the most attractive boy I've ever seen please don't feel ugly

thank you, this is very kind

I feel ssssooo ugly lately hh

this is a distress call…please send a black bandana my way…