so…on the abandoned cat situation, I just got off the phone with the vet and the full cost of the visit he needs (general checkup, neuter) will cost roughly $250. I’m trying to get him fixed as soon as possible as I’m concerned about him getting aggressive/territorial (he’s staying in my room, that would suck ass), so I’m opening commissions. I’ll add examples tonight but for anyone who’s interested I’d just like to get it out there that the prices would be at $10 for a sketch, $20 for lined/colored, $30 for lined, colored, bg.

you see some real terrible music repped on this site



COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS 1985 SS first collection

Do copics blend well? And how often do you need to replace the nub things? I don't know anyone who has them but I'd like to buy some.

I honestly don’t have enough copics to be able to tell you how they blend….moreover I literally JUST started using them again (you can go back in my oc or art tags -I update my oc tag more frequently, there’s a lot missing from the art tag-…completely devoid of marker until this month). I steadily collected what I have throughout high school and most of my markers still work without having been refilled. sorry to be useless, I’d honestly ask someone who’s more proficient at coloring as they would surely have more experience than I.

that akira scene is what keeps me going in these trying times